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Listed below are the map layers published through the ARCOS Geoserver.
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Map serviceLayer orderLayer nameProjection
cite:AR_Boundaries1Albertine RiftEPSG:4326
cite:AR_PAs1Protected AreasEPSG:4326
cite:Africa_lakes1African LakesEPSG:4326
cite:Africa_rivers1African RiversEPSG:4326
cite:AnnualPrecipitation_Contours1African Precipitation ZonesEPSG:4326
cite:Mountain_Summits1African Mountains SummitsEPSG:4326
cite:Africa_Mountains_areas2African Mountainious regionsEPSG:4326
cite:Ramsar_Sites_Africa2African Ramsar SitesEPSG:4326
cite:AfricaBoundariesADM13Admin Boundaries, Level 2EPSG:4326
cite:Africa_GL_Countries7Great Lakes CountriesEPSG:4326
14 Map layers

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